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Why choosing STARS Overflight?

STARS Overflight is a Representative Agent based in Morocco specialized in delivering overflights authorization and clearances for all type of international flights overflying whithin the moroccan airspace including Western Sahara .
At STARS Overflight, we are committed to providing our clientele with efficient and valuable service never known in the global market in matter of overflight permit delivrance.


You are allowed to update your request without getting charged extra fees.


Your request will be granted whithin a faster time frame in comparison with other providers.


Your data are kept safe and secure respecting GDPR regulations.


We let our customers knowing everything about our service from A to Z.

First of all, Click on the link below to download the Overflight Application Form .

- Check the Specimen here -

Complete it, sign, stamp and date it and save it as PDF file in Excel and ...

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P r i c e s

Day-x OVF

$ 40 /Request
  • Request submitted at least on the day-1
    prior to flight date
  • Request should be submitted before 13:00UTC
  • Permit will be available max 12h before the date of the flight

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D-day OVF

$ 50 /Request
  • Request submitted on the day of flight
  • Request should be submitted
    before 13:00UTC for flight EDT
    after 18:00 UTC
  • Request should be submitted
    before 10:00UTC for flight EDT
    after 13:00 UTC
  • PMT will be available max 2h before ETD

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Out-Hours OVF

$ 60 /Request
  • Request submitted outside
    opening hours of CAA
  • Request submitted during
  • Request submitted during
    public holidays
  • Permit will be available during outside CAA opening hours at the latest max 2h before the date of the flight
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